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Does Olive Oil Go Bad | You Must Know

Does olive oil go bad? Yes, it can. Unlike some foods, you can’t always see it going bad. If you put olive oil in the fridge, it might look a little cloudy, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone bad. To know for sure, use your nose and taste buds.

Good olive oil smells fresh and fruity. But when it’s bad, it has a strange smell like crayons or glue. If your olive oil smells like that, it’s time to throw it away. If you’re not sure, taste it.

Bad olive oil tastes bitter, sour, or stale, not like the fresh kind with a little kick. So, trust your nose and your taste buds to tell if your olive oil is still good.”

How to Tell If Your Olive Oil Has Gone Bad

If your olive oil smells bad, don’t use it. You can sniff it like you do with milk. Or pour some in a glass to check. If it smells weird, it’s not good.

If you’re still not sure, take a tiny sip. It won’t hurt you. A person named Leandro Ravetti, who knows a lot about olive oil, says if it tastes like old nuts, crayons, lipstick, Play-Doh, or bad meat, and feels greasy in your mouth, it’s bad. If it doesn’t taste fresh like olive oil should, it’s old.

Can You Use Expired Olive Oil?

When you wonder if old olive oil is okay, think about your health. Using old oil a little bit might not be too bad, but if you keep doing it, you could get sick.

Olive oil, especially the extra kind, has good fats for us. But when it gets old and bad, those good fats break. Breaking makes bad things called “free radicals,” which can hurt us. Free radicals are the opposite of stuff that helps us called “antioxidants.”

So, be careful with old olive oil when you cook. A little bit once in a while might be fine, but using it a lot can make you unhealthy over time. To get the best and healthiest olive oil, use fresh, not old, oil when you can.

How Do You Prevent Olive Oil From Going Bad

When you buy olive oil, think about the store. Big packs may seem good, but choose wisely. Pick a size you can use in 4–6 weeks. This keeps it fresh.

Containers matter too. Avoid clear ones, they let in light. Dark glass is better. It stops sunlight and helps it last longer.

At home, store it right. Keep it cool, in the dark, far from the stove. This keeps it good for a long time.

Should You Refrigerate Olive Oil? 

When thinking about chilling olive oil, remember, it’s okay to keep it in your pantry. Olive oil stays good at room temperature. No need for the fridge.

But if your pantry is too warm or you like it cold, know this: Olive oil turns thick in the fridge. Don’t worry; it’s not bad.

To use cold olive oil, plan ahead. Take it out 30 minutes before cooking. It will turn liquid and pour easily for your recipes.

Or, keep a bit in a small dish on your counter. The rest can stay cold in the fridge for freshness.

What Should You Do With Expired Olive Oil?

Don’t toss old olive oil. Pouring it down drains can block pipes. Use it wisely to reduce waste and gain benefits.

Put expired olive oil in your cleaning supplies. It helps in many ways.

One way is to make old leather things better. Like shoes, belts, or bags. Put the oil on gently and it will help.

Also, use it to make wood shiny. Apply oil on a cloth and rub the wood. It keeps furniture nice and helps it last longer.

And for steel things, it’s great too. Like kitchen stuff. Just put in some oil and wipe. It makes them shiny again and helps the environment.

How Should You Get Rid of Old or Bad Olive Oil?

When olive oil goes bad, handle it carefully. Don’t pour it in the sink; it clogs pipes and harms water. Protect nature. Put bad oil in a nonrecyclable box, like a milk carton. Don’t let it spill. Then throw it away.

Ask your local sanitation for help or follow this idea. Use a cardboard or takeout box for the spoiled oil. Keep it safe. Toss it in the trash when done.

Now, get good olive oil for your kitchen. Like chef Ina Garten, use quality stuff. Make your dishes taste amazing with fresh oil. Happy cooking!

How Long Does Olive Oil Last?

Olive oil can last a different amount of time depending on the kind of oil and where you keep it. When it’s all closed up in a bottle, it can stay good for 12 to 24 months. Fancy olive oil called “extra virgin” can last even longer, like 18 to 24 months.

But once you open the bottle, you need to use it faster. It’s best to use it up within six months. That’s because when air and light touch the oil, it starts to change and isn’t as good.

If you buy a big bottle of olive oil but can’t use it all quickly, here’s what you can do: Pour a bit into a smaller bottle. That way, you won’t have to open the big bottle too much, and the oil won’t get bad from the air and sun.

If you don’t cook with olive oil a lot, get a small bottle instead of a big one. This way, you can finish it before it goes bad. 

By doing these things, your olive oil will stay tasty for a long time, and you can keep enjoying it.

Final Words

Let’s wrap it up! Olive oil can get yucky and not taste good after a while. If it sees too much light, heat, or air, it gets worse faster. To keep it yummy, keep it in a cool, dark place, and use it up fairly quickly. 

If it smells or tastes bad, it’s time to say bye-bye to that olive oil. So, remember, keep it right, use it right, and your olive oil will be super tasty!


Can olive oil get bad?

Yes, olive oil can get bad over time. It doesn’t spoil like food, but it can taste and smell bad.

What makes olive oil get bad?

Olive oil gets bad when it’s in the light, heat, or air for too long. This can make it taste bad and smell strange.

How can I know if my olive oil is bad?

If your olive oil smells bad, tastes bitter, or looks cloudy, it’s yucky. Good olive oil should smell fresh and taste a little spicy.

How can I make my olive oil last longer?

Keep olive oil in a cool, dark spot away from heat and sunlight. Close the bottle tightly to stop air from getting in. Use it within a year or two for the best taste.

Can I use bad olive oil for cooking?

Bad olive oil might not be good for cooking because it can make your food taste bad. But you can still use it for things like lotion or polishing wood. It’s okay for those jobs.

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