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Does Brown Rice Syrup Go Bad | You Need to Know

Brown rice syrup, like rice malt syrup, is a sweet thing from brown rice. People like it ’cause it’s healthier than sugar. It’s made from rice starch, and it’s like caramel. You can use it in recipes for natural sweetness. Let’s learn more about it.

Does brown rice syrup go bad?

Brown rice syrup, which is kind of like sweet stuff, can go bad after a while. But if you keep it the right way, it stays good for a pretty long time.

Before you open it up, brown rice syrup can last about a year or even more. You should keep it in a cool, dry place that doesn’t get too much sun.

Once you open it, make sure to close it up tight, so no water gets in. If water gets in, the syrup can get worse faster.

How do you know if it’s gone bad? Well, if it changes color, feels weird, or smells funny, like sour or strange, you should throw it away. Also, if you see any mold or it tastes weird, it’s not safe to eat.

If you want to keep it fresh for a longer time, you can put it in the fridge. Cold places make it last even longer. And don’t forget to read the label on the bottle, it might have special instructions from the company to keep it safe.

How to Keep Brown Rice Syrup Last Longer

Now talk about how to keep your brown rice syrup yummy and fresh. Brown rice syrup is a sweet treat made from brown rice, and it doesn’t have any stuff to keep it fresh, like chemicals. 

So, let’s learn some easy ways to make it last longer:

Put it in a Tight Box

Use a super-sealed container. This keeps out the air, which makes the syrup gooey or moldy.

Keep it Cool and Dark

Put the syrup in a cool, dark spot. Sun and heat can make it not taste so good. A cupboard away from the sun and hot stuff like ovens is perfect.

Steady Temperature

Try to keep it at the same temperature all the time. Big changes in temperature can make it hard or lumpy. The room temperature, which is around 70°F (21°C), is just right.

Keep it Clean and Dry

Make sure your container and the spoons you use are spotless and dry. Even a tiny bit of water or food can make it go bad.

Fridge it for a Long Time

If you want to keep your syrup for a really long time, stick it in the fridge. Cold helps it stay fresh. But remember to seal the container well so it doesn’t smell like other stuff in there.

Use Clean Spoons

Only use clean, dry spoons to scoop out your syrup. Don’t dip the same spoon in more than once, or it might get yucky.

Check for Bad Signs

Sometimes, the syrup can go bad. Look for mold, weird smells, or a change in how it feels. If you see any of that, it’s better to toss it out and not eat it.

Close it Up After Using

After you’re done using your syrup, make sure the container is all sealed up tight. This keeps out air and water.

By doing these simple things, you can enjoy your brown rice syrup for a long time and keep it tasting great. Remember, taking care of your sweet syrup is a yummy way to go!

What is the Shelf Life of Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup lasts a long time. People and companies like to use it because it’s a natural sweetener made from brown rice. It’s better for you than regular sugar or corn syrup. How long it stays good depends on a few things.

First, where you keep it is important. Put it in a cool, dry place away from the sun and water. If it’s not opened yet, it can stay good for up to two years, or even more. This is because it doesn’t have much water and has a lot of sugar, so germs can’t grow in it.

Once you open it, it might not last as long, but it can still stay good if you store it right. Make sure the lid is closed tight, so air can’t get in. If it looks, smells, or feels weird, throw it away because it might be bad.

Sometimes, they put things like citric acid or enzymes in it to make it last even longer. If yours has these, check the label for how to keep it fresh or any dates they tell you to follow.

How to Store Brown Rice Syrup

Keeping your yummy brown rice syrup fresh is super important! It’s a sweet stuff made from brown rice and can last a long time if you do it right. Here’s how to do it:

First, find a good container. A glass or plastic one that seals up tight is perfect. Make sure it’s clean and dry.

Now, before you put the syrup in the container, let it cool down. Hot syrup can make water inside, which can mess it up.

Carefully pour the syrup into the container, but don’t fill it all the way up. Leave some space at the top. This way, if it gets thick, it won’t break the container.

Close the container really tight, so no air can get in. Air can turn the syrup weird and hard.

Put your syrup container in a cool, dark spot, like a pantry or cupboard. Keep it away from the sun and heat. If it gets too hot or cold, it can change the syrup.

Don’t let it get wet. Water can make it yucky and moldy. You can put some special stuff called silica gel inside to keep the moisture away.

Don’t put it near smelly foods. The syrup can taste like those smells!

Check your container sometimes. If it’s leaking or looks funny, put the syrup in a new, clean container.

When you use your syrup, always use a clean, dry spoon. That way, you won’t make it dirty.

Follow these steps, and your brown rice syrup will stay tasty and ready for your cooking adventures! It can be your trusty kitchen buddy for a long time.


In short, if you keep brown rice syrup in a cool, dark spot and seal it tight, it lasts a long time. It might get darker and thicker, but it won’t go bad or become unsafe. However, its taste and sweetness might not be as good after a while. 

So, it’s best to use it fairly soon, but it won’t really spoil. Just make sure it doesn’t smell weird, look strange, or grow mold. If you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe and get a new one.


Does Brown Rice Syrup Expire?

Brown rice syrup typically has a long shelf life, but it can expire. The expiration date depends on various factors, including storage conditions and packaging.

What Are the Signs that Brown Rice Syrup Has Gone Bad?

Look for changes in color, texture, or smell. If the syrup develops an off-putting odor, becomes darker, or thickens significantly, it may have gone bad.

How Should I Store Brown Rice Syrup to Extend Its Shelf Life?

To prolong its shelf life, store brown rice syrup in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the container is tightly sealed to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering.

Can I Use Brown Rice Syrup Past the Expiration Date?

Brown rice syrup is often safe to use past its expiration date if it has been stored properly and shows no signs of spoilage. However, its quality may deteriorate over time, affecting taste and texture.

Does Refrigerating or Freezing Brown Rice Syrup Help Prevent It from Going Bad?

Refrigeration is not necessary for brown rice syrup. Freezing can extend its shelf life, but it may alter the texture, making it thicker and harder to use. Be sure to thaw it at room temperature before use.

Can Brown Rice Syrup Go Bad if Contaminated with Water or Other Substances?

Yes, if brown rice syrup is exposed to water or other contaminants, it can go bad. It may develop mold or fermentation if water is introduced. Always use clean utensils and keep the container tightly sealed to prevent contamination.

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